The World Of Algorithms and the key to optimizing your brand on different platforms. 

In the digital world, we are algorithmically driven wherever we go. By now, we are familiar that all digital platforms work on algorithms, be it Instagram, Facebook, Zomato, even marketplaces like Amazon and Flipkart. To your surprise, even app stores and play stores have their own algorithms. We at Yellophant Digital, bring you a series of blogs where we will try to understand how these different platforms function and what can start-ups and SMEs do to optimize their brands to attain those extra eyeballs we all are looking for.

App store optimization - A basic guide for beginners!

Mobile Apps! What would our life be without it? incomplete? boring? monotonous? 

My guess- All of the above! Just when I was about to say mobile phones are nothing without apps, I realized, even our lives are nothing without apps. Gaming, social media, fitness, food, travel - we all have at least two types of apps that serve these genres. 

Well if your company has an app of its own then kudos to you for finally getting it out there. But is having an app the last step or the first to your company’s growth?

Well, App Store Optimization (ASO) is something that many brands overlook or are not aware of. But what is it exactly?

Well, just how Search Engine Optimization(SEO)is used to get your web pages rank higher on google search similarly ASO is used to get your brand’s app rank higher in the search results of the app store. So ASO is the secret weapon to make your brand app more visible. But always remember the main aim of ASO is not only to make your brand's app rank higher in the play store or apple store but also to get downloaded by the user.

Well, Google play store and Apple store are constantly updating their features and hence there’s no one way when it comes to cracking these codes. 

But, here are some factors that help understand what affects your app’s ranking.

1. Heavy keywords in the title: Leave that jazz aside because the only way you are likely to drive the audience to your app is with the use of heavy keywords. Make sure your title has the keyword you want to optimize. Research, analyze, and optimize thoroughly and you’d see results eventually.

2. Description matters: By now you would have understood the importance of keywords and how it impacts your audience’s search results. Right keywords = Favourable results, always remember. Well other than going all gaga about your app make sure your description includes the keywords you want to rank on and gives out accurate information in the literal sense.

3. Positive reviews please? There’s nothing an audience trusts more than reviews. But just reviews aren’t enough. Remember 1 negative review can always balance out 5 positive reviews so try pulling in some positivity on your app. Encourage your friends and colleagues to review the app at the start. It might give a good push. 

4. A sneak peek is all they need: How does your app look, what does it feel like. Is it easy to use? A few of the million questions your audience will have so to make that easier try adding HD photos on your app store page. Trust us, it makes a lot of difference.

5. Videos work wonders: Think your app has lots to offer and pictures don’t do justice? Then videos are your answer.

6. Is your app on the Mr popular list? At the end of the day, it comes to how many downloads your app was able to get. The more number of downloads, the higher your app ranks.

Well apart from this being said, social media marketing can definitely be a good add on to drive your audience’s attention to the app store right away. Remember this takes time, so instead of rushing into it, play it smoothly and smartly.


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