Case Study : How anthi naturals collaborated with health & wellness influencers to educate users about the benefits using plant based ingredients in their products.


As a part of this influencer activity, anthi: naturals  collaborated with Shrima Rai to increase awareness amongst the audience. 

anthi naturals wanted to create awareness amongst the audience niche of nature & ingredient conscious segment. The intention was to introduce a hair care regimen for people with thinning hair.  


anthi: comes from plant origins and all its products contain key plant-based actives that are proven to help reduce the signs of hair thinning. It is India’s first brand dedicated to creating anti-thinning hair care solutions. 

Anthi naturals influencer activity- Summary  

With the idea of spreading awareness about their clean and effective plant-based solutions to reduce the signs of Hair Thinning, we roped in wellness and health influencers and educate the audience. We collaborated with Shrima Rai who is a health and lifestyle influencer to promote the hair care regimen kit infused with 21 plant actives.  


Increase awareness amongst the niche audience through influencers and educate them about plant extracts anthi uses in their hair care regimen kit. 


We collaborated with Shrima Rai who has 74K+ followers on Instagram. To create buzz around anthi natural we started with a sneak peek IG story teaser talking about plant extract and how this product helped Shirma Rai with her thinning hair issue stay tuned for more. 

 Second, we had released an explanatory video that gives a product application demonstration and educates the user about plant ingredients used by anthi naturals.

 Third was a static post announcing the giveaway for the user and 10 lucky winners will win hair care regimen kit worth ?1997 per kit.

Lastly we released an IG story with a list of winners who had won in this giveaway.


 The influencer collab gained over 3.65 Lacs organic impression and 3.05 Lacs organic reach. The video had more than 32k views and more than 1.5k organic engagement.


More than any process or tool.