These are trying times for everyone. How should a company prepare in advance and make the post of this phase? Whilst organizations have already been dealing with debt, workforce management, and decision making, digital transformation is going to be the key here. There is no doubt in the survival of the fastest and the most adaptive. 

 Here are 5 areas companies can concentrate on during the lockdown phase. 

 1. Website

When was the last time you updated your website? Maybe your websites need a completely new and revamped look. Your website is the first impression of your company and so a seamless customer experience and user-friendly interface needs to be in place. Make the website speak volumes about the brand and the kind of experience you wish to give your customers. 

 2: Brand Recall

What better time than this to reach out to your customers as they are most active and present on digital mediums. Analyze what your audience is doing amid the lockdown and use it to the leverage of the brand. People are developing new habits, adapting new hobbies and learning new things. How can your brand fit in their daily routine? Get the communications ready, get in touch with your customers and be there in their mind so that when they get out of their houses, brand recall is already achieved. 

 3. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

If you haven't already been doing  SEO, this is the time to start with it. Get blogs and articles written. It is time to get your search strategy right. 

 4. Branding and hygiene

Are your brochures, logo, communication and design tonality in place, updated with the latest information? If not, this is the time to invest in getting the basics right. 

 5. What next? 

A Lot of assumptions and speculations are going on about how the world is going to emerge post the pandemic. Collaborate with marketing experts or marketing agencies to help strategize a plan of action. Networking and getting the right minds on board for your brand is the need of the hour. 

 Among the companies that boom and the ones that stagnate in the aftermath of this pandemic, the difference maker is going to be preparation. The advertising/ marketing industry is the most receptive and adaptive to change. Agencies are working from home in full force making sure to deliver to the client's needs. 


More than any process or tool.