"How to tap into your creative side in a better way?"

We all can be creative. It's all about using our imagination and coming up with new ways to approach difficult situations when we are creative.

The great thing about embracing your creative self is that it impacts every aspect of your life. We automatically think of the great artists among us when we talk about creativity: painters, writers, and musicians, who can take snippets from the world around us and turn them into exciting, enthralling, educational, and entertaining works of art.

When you're in the creative zone, you see things in new ways, have new experiences, and notice life's small synchronistic details that make the mundane feel magical.

Here are five simple techniques for reconnecting with your creative side:

Doodling Doodling helps in focussing and creativity. It involves your mind, your hand, and your vision. It makes you more involved in what you're doing by engaging one's senses. Doodling can help you discover your creative side and improve your life. Use it right now to help yourself grow.

Meditation Meditation appears to be far more ethereal than it is. Meditation is simply sitting quietly and appreciating the present moment. Meditation is a mental vacation that allows you to unwind and invite your inner muse to sing the song that lives within you. Allowing your mind to wander for even a few minutes a day can open doors and remove barriers within you.

Visual exercises: Visual exercises are a simple way to train your mind to reach a higher level of consciousness, allowing you to question your decision-making process. Visual thinking helps us access our creativity and write better stories.

Free Writing: Pick a topic and let your imagination run wild with free writing. You can write in response to a prompt or as a character, but the goal is to write without thinking and let the muse inside you guide your pen across the page or your fingers across the keys.

Read Books: The more you read, the better you will concentrate and imagine new ideas and concepts. Reading will help you improve your ability to visualize new worlds, characters, and perspectives by exercising your imagination. In the long run, this will make you more creative and empathetic.


More than any process or tool.