For years Instagram had a chronological order of posts which made it easy for users to interact with their audience and increase engagement.

However recently this has changed drastically and in reality, the Instagram algorithm decides which posts your users see every time they open their feed. Users will get to see freshers posts but that doesn’t mean your content will be seen by them. In order to make sure your brand is visible and getting good engagement we will have to find out what actually works for your brand. 

What factors affect your brand’s algorithm?

1. Time is everything: Need good engagement, views, reach? Then time is your brand's best friend! Time is one of the crucial factors in social media marketing. If you want your audience to view and engage with your brand you need to make sure you post content when maximum users are online.

2. Draw that attention: Sports fans are crazy about anything which gives them insights and industry information and if your brand talks about sports, then kudos to you, as there will be more chance of them coming and interacting with your brand.

3. Interaction is the key: Don’t be a boring brand who only interacts with users once in a while. Instead, interact with brands, draw that attention to your page. Remember the more you put your brand out there, the more users are going to start approaching your brand. 

These practices will help you build your Instagram strategy

1. Relatable much?: Ah, that feeling when a makeup lover comes across a brand filled with makeup hacks and tutorials. The soul is fulfilled. Content that your audience relates to is your number 1 key to brand success. Since they thrive on relatable content, give them that.  2. Consistency, okay, please ?:  If your brand wakes up once in a fortnight and posts on social media, then that just shows your brand isn’t in the game. If you are a start-up, you need to make sure you are posting every alternate day, be it posts or stories because people are still getting to know about your brand and you also need to make a good first impression among your users.

3. Timelines all the way: Experiment is your key ingredient to create awareness and hype around your brand. Experiment with time, understand your audience and try figuring out when they are the most active on social media. Trust us, that really matters. You don’t want good content to get unseen by your audience.

 Instagram plays a crucial part in any business, hence understanding the way algorithms work and forming a social media strategy accordingly will help your brand grow and get the engagement it needs.



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