Marketplace Optimization (MPO) has always been an interesting topic to understand. If you own a business and need to constantly sell your products online, then cracking the code to make sure your products rank higher is a mess we are willing to sort out.

In an Idiots Handbook on understanding MPO - As you know Search Engine Optimization(SEO) helps you rank higher in search engine results such as on Google, similarly Marketplace Optimization helps your product rank better to relevant buyers in marketplace searches. it’s basically your product rankings on any website like Amazon, Myntra, Jabong, etc.

So let’s understand the factors that affect MPO?

5-star ratings?: Is your product trendy and cool among the customers that it deserves 5 stars? If yes, then congrats your product is definitely ranking higher than usual. But, No - stars? Then you need to buck up your game.

Description matters: The first thing that your customers are going to read is the product description. Make sure it’s informative, crisp, and focuses on the product USPs. But make sure you are using your keywords wisely and not causing keyword stuffing.

Videos and photographs do justice: Only content is boring, your customers will trust your brand more once they get a glimpse of how it looks. Click pictures from different angles and adding videos is your bonus points.

Crisp Description: Your customers already know your product, that’s why they are on your page. Make sure your descriptions are crisp, to the point, and to speak about the benefits. This interests the users more.

Advertise away: Advertising your product is an additional benefit that attracts more customers to your product. It’s one of the best ways to push your product higher

 So buckle up your seats and get ready to make some good amount of sales. Don’t forget to create awareness about your products on social media platforms and link all sites you are selling your products. A little PR hurt no one I guess.


More than any process or tool.