By the end of 2018, India had 40 million monthly podcast listeners, a 57.6 percent increase from the previous year's figure of 25.4 million. It is also the world's third-largest podcast market, after China and the United States, with 17.61 million subscribers expected by 2023.

Tim Ferriss and Joe Rogan were early podcast pioneers and champions, but today, influencers, companies, and publishers create their podcasts and find their niche. Of course, forward-thinking digital marketers are recognized and rewarded for their efforts.

Podcasts are most popular among groups with a strong interest in a specific category or segment. As a result, listeners tend to remember every word said by the host. Brands can collaborate with the host and producer to incorporate brand mentions into the show to appear reasonable and natural when working with podcast creators.

Here are the top five marketing podcasts that Digital Ad Agencies can pay heed to and amp up their podcasts game.

The DigitalMarketer Podcast: It is a great podcast to listen to if someone wants a mix of insightful interviews with C-level executives and business news. Their goal is to share current digital marketing strategies with marketers from all over the world. DigitalMarketer podcasts help one become the next great "full-stack" marketer, from acquisition to optimization to customer retention.

Everybody Hates Marketers: This podcast is a no-fluff, actionable marketing podcast where you can learn how to get more visitors, leads, customers, and long-term profits by using good marketing: treating people the way you'd like to be treated. Every episode is evergreen, which means it can be listened to long after it has been published.

Duct Tape Marketing: One should listen to this podcast if you want detailed, actionable marketing tactics. They bring in industry experts to go over everything under the umbrella term 'digital marketing.' This podcast will provide you with a new perspective on how major corporations approach their marketing strategy.

Marketing over Coffee: This podcast will bring you news and information from the intersection of marketing, sales, and technology. Listeners can also learn how marketing and community outreach work together—the episodes hosted by John J. Wall and Christopher S. Penn are well-crafted and are recorded every Wednesday.

The Marketing Book Podcast: This podcast is hosted by stand-up comedian and Madison Avenue ad man Douglass Burdett, which has been named the go-to sales and marketing podcast by LinkedIn and Forbes.


This is a tricky proposition because it necessitates significant efforts on the part of the brand's digital marketing team to find and groom the business leader for the show. It also requires the podcast's producer and host to accommodate the new co-host without alienating the audience. However, if successful, the benefits can be substantial, including increased brand image, reputation, value, and recall. Creative advertising agencies in Mumbai have started harping on podcasts as a valuable marketing tool, and pretty soon agencies all across the country will follow suit to this rising marketing tool.


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