When we say laughter is the best medicine, the best-proven medicine in today’s era as we see is a Meme. Being the soul of viral marketing, memes are a source of content in the form of a funny, sarcastic, humorous image, video, GIF, animation, passed on from person-to-person via various social media platforms. With the change in the way of marketing throughout these years, meme marketing tops the list now. What started as a trend by a few Instagram pages has now taken over the market. Businesses and brands are now using memes to promote their products and services. 

Meme marketing has become a vital part of every social media strategy of every brand to make their content go viral.

Still inquisitive about how Meme marketing can benefit you? Let’s learn how -

A relatable meme to promote your brand value - Just like when we say “I can relate to this song” when we listen to a newly launched song, the same way, market your brand value via a meme that people can easily relate to. The #1 rule is to create a meme that is relatable to at least a portion of your target audience. Take Dunzo as an example, the way they promote their brand value using a meme is what one needs to learn.


Viral tweets from your community? Share ‘em - This is one of the ways brands and meme pages are making themselves popular these days. It isn’t necessary for you to put up a screenshot of the tweet that you tweeted, you can rather screenshot a tweet of a brand that belongs to your community and put up a catch caption that might increase traffic on your page.

Your product in a meme - The very famous Tinder is one of the brands that have the best meme game when it comes to marketing their service. They have an unusual way to tell customers to use Tinder. The viral the meme, the greater is the reach. Now that these memes are often funny and sarcastic it usually doesn’t seem to be like an ad promotion. This can rather be an indirect way to promote your product. This is one such social media trend followed and worshiped by every brand out there.
Moment marketing & Meme marketing #Bestcombo - Just like peanut butter and Jelly is the best combo, the same way Moment marketing, and meme marketing go hand in hand. While you are trying to maintain your meme game, it is necessary for every brand to be aware of every trend going around. There are times when a trend can prove to be a jackpot for you if used in the right way. We are all aware of the viral meme that went around when iPhone 11 was launched with 3 cameras on it. Every brand took advantage of it and engaged with their audience to a great extent.
The best source of entertainment is a Meme -  Those Cats memes and sponge bob memes are the most used memes for entertaining the audience. When we say meme, we usually think of it as something funny. This is the catch. The meme your brand is trying to promote should be like a source of entertainment to the target audience. Here’s when your brand’s meme will get the most likes, shares, and saves.
Considering that we are all fond of scrolling through memes and sharing them if and when relatable, why miss out on taking advantage of it? It’s a golden opportunity for every brand to take advantage of this evergreen trend and be the talk of the town. A well-formulated digital marketing strategy is where every bit and pieces of the new trends are inculcated and put into action by brands to reap the benefits while it can.



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