The content consumption during this lockdown has increased multi-folds and is greater than ever right now. Which means that the demand is massive. People have a lot more spare time with them which is all being spent by content consumption. How do you leverage such a scenario to the benefit of your brand? What are people actually looking to consume at the moment? Let's dive a little deeper into what social media marketing strategy should brand take up during times like these. 

  1. Building Community: Every brand is built by a community. Customers today, especially in times like these don't like to be sold- they like to buy and they tend to buy in tribes. Companies today should focus their communication on the unique buying tribes that have a natural affinity towards the company's product or services. In a tribe, news spreads quickly which gives the brand extra traction and reach. As a brand give a platform by curating content that brings the community closer. 


  1. Strengthening Relationships: The saying out of sight is out of mind is the most applicable in times like these. It is customers and not companies who decide which brand lives and which brand dies. Today, it is imperative to have strong meaningful relationships with your customers. Social media serves as the best platform to make the bond stronger with your customers.


  1. Focus On Consumer Needs: What does your customer really need right now? The content generation today not only needs to be sensitive and smart but also very relatable to the current scenario. Brands should make sure their content is light and positive. Focus on education, spreading awareness, and increasing engagement. This need not be about the product, it could be about the category. Brand supportive content works the best here.

Brands should identify the digital footprint of their customers right now, their content consumption patterns, and most importantly their interest at the moment and curate content that serves the brand purpose at the core. Digital ad agencies need to be extra careful while creating content for their clients.


More than any process or tool.