These brands from the fashion/ beauty industry are doing an amazing job with their digital strategy amid the pandemic.

Coronavirus has been the highlight all around the world. But many brands are taking this crisis as an opportunity to connect with users on digital and social platforms. As we know most of us are locked in our homes with barely anything to do, that's where social media comes in. Brands are reaching their audience in ways they haven't done before, polls, games, challenges because let's admit that we most certainly will browse through most of our apps until we get bored. But getting bored of social media is unlikely to happen.

The fashion and beauty industry is majorly affected by this crisis, as their sales and production have come to a standstill. From shutting down their stores to keeping a hold on online deliveries due to government restrictions, these industries are facing major problems amid the pandemic. Since making sales is completely out of their hands, the only way is to maintain brand loyalty by communicating effectively and authentically to their audience via social media.

Here are a few brands that are doing a good job on their social platforms.

Vero Moda:

The brand wanted maximum engagement hence interactive stories and posts related to PJs. Let's admit it this quarantine period should be renamed #pyjamas24/7 and fashion brands are making the most use of adding color-coordinated PJs and all that jazz to your routine.

Himalaya Personal care

Himalaya did a campaign around Namaste #thepurestgreeting emphasizing on how social distancing is necessary and greeting people with a Namaste maintaining at least meter distance. They also made sure they branded their health care products smartly. .


Lakme made sure during such times they got maximum engagement from their audience. Since everyone is mostly at home they came up with live sessions with beauty bloggers as well as interactive stories and challenges which their audience could take part in


Yet another brand to use the quarantine situation to their advantage. Being a fashion brand they came up with innovative ideas for Work From Home outfits. The brand made sure their Quarantine posts had some brand integrity involved

VLCC Personal care:

VLCC has stepped up their game and they started manufacturing hand sanitizers after there has been a shortage of the same. The brand made sure they used social media to make people aware of their new product.

This is how a lot of brands took the pandemic to their advantage on social media, as a way to constantly stay in touch with their consumers.


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