Starting up a new brand can always seem exciting. It’s a new journey you take along with you wherever you go. However, the initial stages of a brand’s presence are something not everyone manages to get right and we aren’t talking about the legal stuff. Creating an online presence is not a bed of roses as some may believe. With the ever-increasing competition, you need to make sure your brand stands out from the initial brand building stages. 

 Let’s see how your brand can boost up its social media marketing strategies

  - Follow anyone and everyone: Remember your brand is a nobody on social media in its initial stages. Make sure you follow a good amount of people. Have a baking brand selling baking stuff? Go crazy and follow all the bakers and you will get you to follow backs too.

- Barter your way through: The Barter system works wonders for your brand. Connect with influencers and send them hampers in return you can ask them to publish your products on their stories and we promise you, you will see an increase in your follower list

- Boost your posts: Show off your products and services and boost your posts/photoshoot images on social media. This will get your follower list going on. 

- Contest it up: The audience loves engaging with brands that have something to offer in return. Arranging contests is the best way to get people to follow you, engage with your page, and try your product/service. It is the best way to create brand awareness on any social media platform

 If you have faith in your brand then don’t worry about its success. Do the needful, engage with your audience, and never let your brand die on social media

By: Esther Dsouza


More than any process or tool.