Your company is nothing without its employees and the strength of a company is only as good as its people. Your company needs to create an environment where people come to work because they want to and not because they need to. Work From Home has made it difficult for some employees to manage their work. However, keeping in mind the current scenario let's see how a good and efficient employee management system works wonders for your company.

 - Good motivation = Happy Mondays: Be it a digital ad agency or a baking company, everyone has their Monday blues that kick in early on a Monday morning. But remember, a good start to a Monday with your employees will do the magic. A good Monday weekly meeting and catching up on the weekend buzz will create a happy mood for your employees.

- Happy employees, happy clients: Your employees are the key to your client’s success. Make sure you are checking in on your employee's weekly needs.- 

Work rewards: Always reward your employees with appreciation. Remember people loved to be recognized for their efforts. Salary bonus, social media appreciation post, Extra time off, Lunch treat are just a few ways to appreciate your employees, after all action speaks louder than words.

- Good communication, better results: Always make sure you are on the same page as your employees. No employee and management journey is a buttery slope. They will be ups and downs and that’s when you need to make sure to communicate with your employees.

- Be Empathic: Always have empathy. Remember to always put yourself in your employee's shoes before making any decision. Time gets hard and one wrong move and push your company down the grave. Try understanding where your employees come from and what they are looking for in a company


Any company has its ups and downs but good communication and a hearty conversation with your employees can get you anywhere


- Esther Dsouza


More than any process or tool.