Anthi Naturals
Case Study

anthi: is India’s first brand dedicated to creating anti-thinning hair care solutions which helps in reducing the signs of hair thinning. Being the experts in the industry, anthi: introduces the1st ever anti-thinning hair care regimen!

Brand Story

anthi: aims at educating the audience about hair thinning, and how hair fall products are not the solution to hair thinning problems. anthi: products are formulated from plant origins and contain key plant-based actives that are clinically proven to reduce the signs of hair thinning. The objective was to create space amongst the niche audience and induce product trials.

Brand Story
Social Media Work

Keeping the ideology of the brand in mind, we decided to give the photoshoot a very raw and natural ingredient based look. Scroll down to get a glimpse of the work we did.

Performance Numbers
Objective: To generate sales amongst women who are facing hair thinning issues and to reach the affinity audience.
Challenge: enerating sales with no category awareness in a relatively niche market
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Influencer collabs

With the idea of spreading awareness about their clean and effective plant-based solutions, we roped in wellness and health influencers and educate the audience. Various product education videos were made to achieve brand objectives.