The pandemic has turned the entire world upside down. Some brands managed to make it through, some excelled throughout the pandemic while for some it was bad news all the way. While most of us are still adjusting to the new normal step by step, what does this mean for your brand? What is your 911 strategy? Is it to keep your brand going or to press the restart button for your brand again? 

 Of course, the show must go on, but let’s see the basic steps to make sure it’s done in the right way.

- Plan of Action: Well every brand needs a plan of action and if the pandemic was a downer on your brand then a plan of action is a must. What do you need to focus on? Increasing your sales? Creating brand awareness or setting a social strategy? Everything needs to be planned out and made ready for action. Always remember to back up your plans with other plans in case things don’t work out well.

- Regain trust: Brand trust and loyalty is the most important element that is going to help your brand through thick and thin. Connect with your audience through social media. Create a marketing strategy to attract your audience and don’t neglect your audience needs. 

- Get the word out: Be as vocal as possible. If your brand is back in the market then make sure you are loud and clear about it. Also, make sure your audience is well aware that hygiene is on top of the brand's list because that’s all they care about.

- Social media, your SOS: And in the end, it comes down to a solid social media plan. The right and the best way to reach your audience, to reintroduce your brand, showcase your products and services, and to interact with your audience.

 Whatever you do, make sure you have a concrete plan and always remember that even if the process is slow, you will meet your goal eventually

 Why collaborating with influencers is the need of the hour.

One thing this pandemic hasn’t taken away from us is our love for the digital world and the pandemic has only led us to get hooked onto it even more. Hours and hours on Instagram and spending on shopping sites have got us glued onto the phone. The best any brand could do right now is to take advantage of this situation and we aren’t just talking about social media marketing. Influencer marketing plays one of the major key roles to get your brand all that fame it needs. Let’s see how influencer marketing can help your brand out.

 - Creating goodwill/ recognition: Brand recognition is something that majorly works in influencer marketing. Good reach can never be a bad thing so why stop your brand from getting all the fame it needs? 

- Keeping the brand alive: Never let your brand die. Never ever. Times may be difficult but always make sure to keep your brand alive in some way or the other. Don’t have the budget for influencers? Go in for barter but at least something is better than nothing.

- Creative pants on: The best part about influencer marketing is co-creating something fun and quirky which you know your audience is going to like. Feeling rebellious? then go ahead with an influencer collaboration as well. 

 Our point here being, there is nothing you can lose from influencer marketing. With so many people hooked on to their phones all they want to do is sink in with the trends and influencers are the best way to make sure your brand is trendy and fun.


By: Esther Dsouza


More than any process or tool.