Linkedin is a social platform that has recently hit the spotlight. Who knew making business connections and actually learning and understanding what the business sector is all about could be so much fun. From facts to relevant data as well as a hint of humor in some posts, LinkedIn has proven to be one of the most successful platforms for entrepreneurs and brands.

For some, LinkedIn was once just a boring business online hub but now, almost every brand, be it your startups and SME’s or cosmic brands like Zomato and Discovery everyone is on Linkedin and I don’t see why your brand shouldn’t be there! Linkedin Marketing for your brands’ social media marketing can do wonders for the brand. Why? More visibility from all types of businesspeople. 

Does the LinkedIn algorithm keep messing with your mind? Let’s see how?

Important much?:   Did you know LinkedIn automatically switches the posts to ‘top posts’ instead of recent posts? This means if your brand’s post is trending, and the content is appealing and relatable it’s been featured on the top of the home page.

Engagement matters: No one would want to follow a brand that is dead on its social platforms. Start interacting with your audience. Ask questions, come up with poll ideas, ask them for their opinions. Engagement shows that the brand is active.

How to make Linkedin Algorithm work better for you?

Be a conversation starter and not a boo-er: Big turn off! Want your brand to get noticed? Then make yourself noticeable. Instead of keeping your brand focus only on creating content, start interacting with your audience. Loved a brand’s content? Like, share. Had your views about someone’s posts? Comment away. Attract your audience by constantly engaging with them.

Go in for the trending hashtags: Hashtag is the key ingredient to your brand's success on social platforms. Try going for the trending hashtags

Make photos and videos a part of your content:  No one likes boring content, so try creating content that is visually appealing and which attracts your audience instantly.

Be personal: Everyone knows the facts about the industry but what is your brand's take on the same? Your brand's view or how does your brand feel about a certain topic? That's what's going to keep your audience interested and drag them closer to the brand.

So how to spark your brand presence on Linkedin?


More than any process or tool.