Productivity on the low? Here are 5 hacks that can ignite productivity at the workplace.

Feel like you lack productivity and creativity? Know this: Everyone can be more productive - it just takes practice. While there’s no formula to spark it, there are certain hacks that can help you achieve more at work.

Here are 5 tricks that can boost your productivity:

1. Start early, start positive: Start your day early and set a routine. Make sure you exercise, go for a run, jog or do Yoga to set your day off on a positive start. Also, avoid checking your phone for at least 30 minutes after waking up.

2. Work in short bursts: Research has shown that the most productive employees work for 52 minutes at a stretch on an average, and take 17 minutes of rest in between. The key here is to give yourself little breaks to rejuvenate.

3. Set a single goal for each day: Retrain your mind to concentrate on single tasks. You can break daily goals into multiple tasks or work sessions, where you’ll only work on that specific task (and nothing else) for the allocated time.

4. Block distracting apps/websites: How often do you check Instagram or Whatsapp while doing a task? This constant distraction hampers our ability to focus on tasks for even short periods of time. Long story short - Cut down your screen time!

5. Switch off after work: This is one of the hardest parts of working remotely/from home. Time off work is equally important when it comes to amping up your productivity. Get some time off refresh your mind, indulge in your hobbies or meet friends. Creative ideas can pop up anytime & anywhere. Make sure you disconnect to connect back.

Most importantly, not everyone works and adapts the same way. So figuring out what works for you is the most important hack you can try. Make sure you are ready to embrace change in your personal as well as professional habits in order to make this year more productive on the work front.


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