Social media has just not only ‘changed’, but has evolved itself over the years to be one of the best and powerful channels of modern marketing. With various trends in the digital market, social media has rapidly grown. It has successfully managed to become a fundamental part of you and your brand’s lives in a short period of time. But out of all, your brand trending on the charts of social media is definitely not an easy task. There are constant updates, ruthless competitions, privacy policies and rapid shifts in the social media market going on. Adapting to them will only help your business or brand to be at the top of social media charts.

We, Yellophant Digital, a  social media agency in Mumbai, in today's blog post will give you some understanding about the recent social media trends which might help your brand to grow!

Meme Marketing will be the GAME CHANGER

Memes have become the biggest trends of social media as it has been gaining popularity since last year’s lockdown. Big brands such as Netflix, Tinder, Cred, etc. have been communicating to their audience through memes. It is probably the fastest way to connect and to be relevant with your users. As a brand owner, meme marketing is something which you must consider in your social media strategies. 

Video Content will be the KING

The most engaging form of content right now is the video content, and undoubtedly it is here to stay for a very long run. We are living in an era where people are looking for content which is really appealing and which can be consumed very quickly. Brands are rapidly shifting towards video content over written content and images. They are also continuously curating and putting out premium quality videos on Instagram Reels, YouTube shorts, Tik-Tok, etc. 

Ephemeral Content to BOOM


If you are wondering what ephemeral content is, you might relate to the term with reference to social media. Ephemeral content is basically the short content that disappears after 24 hours of posting, also known as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook stories. Brands have started to experiment a lot with the story features as they are fun, engaging and keep people on their toes.

Brands look forward to adapt VR & AR TECHNOLOGY

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are the latest trends these days, as brands want to give a better experience to their users. E-commerce companies are adapting to these technologies, which enables their users to try the products before consuming it. Although there are still a lot of improvements that have to be made in this arena, in the forthcoming time VR & AR technology will become mainstream for a better user experience. 

Social media trends will keep changing and adapting in the future and will have a massive impact on you as well as on your consumers. We at Yellophant, which is one of the best digital advertising agency in Mumbai, can help your brand to adapt to these trends and be on the top of social media charts. With our creative solutions and dynamic data, we assure to provide an overall growth to your brand.


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